"Belovskie Chteniya" / "Belov Readings"

19−25 october 2020

VII all-russian event.

The Readings program includes a complex of scientific, educational, educational and socio-cultural activities. It is planned that a scientific conference, an All-Russian literary scientific seminar, a literary seminar for young authors, a round table on development issues, a second regional competition of youth socio-economic projects for the development of natural resources, etc.

Scientists, graduate students, writers, philologists and linguists, historians, ethnographers, teachers of the Russian language and literature, librarians, other representatives of the sphere of culture and education, students of secondary schools and secondary specialized educational institutions, students, representatives of the public and business are invited to participate


Похожие события

3 november 2020

"Noch Iskusstv" / "Night of The Arts"

November 3 Tot'ma joins the all-Russian event. Within the walls of the local history museum master classes, master classes, interactive games are held.
21 Lenina street, Tot'ma, Vologda region


Due to COVID-19 many events can be canceled or postponed to a later date. Please check with the organizers for specific dates of the events.