"Svyazanniye Sol'yu" / "Bonded by Salt"

7−9 august 2020

Every year, on the second Saturday and Sunday of August, the City Day is held in Totma. This is the day of the Preobrazhenskaya fair, the day of a festive concert on the city square and entertainment at the city's venues. In 2020, on August 7-9, the Salt Workers Festival is held in Totma. It will be attended by representatives of the Association of Salt Cities, whose residents have long been involved in salt mining. For many centuries Totma was one of the leading centers of salt production in the North of Russia. The Totmichi were one of the first to master the salt industry, due to which the Totemsky Posad lived and grew rich for a long time.

Organizer: vk.com/id18353365


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