Andoma geological section

Andoma Mountain is a unique place of the Vytegra land. Steep coast, with specks of spruce and alder forests, a stunning view on the wide open spaces of the lake, the mouth of the Andoma River and the taiga forests up to the horizon. In this amazing place some people find curative schungite and crystalline silica druses, armors of ancient sea inhabitants (fish and molluscos) and permineralized fern 400 million years old.

The most ancient deposits of the Devonian and Cambrian periods formed flossy strips of various shades on the steep banks - light gray and blue, yellow, red and even dark purple. The glacier turned these layers into fantastically abstract pictures. Multi-colored clay slopes of Andoma Mountain is a chronicles of the planet history started 350-400 million years ago. These clays are famous for their softening and cleansing properties, due to the large content of salts and minerals of the ancient sea in them. Besides, they have a powerful healing effect.


Address: Vologda region, Vytegra district, Andomskoye rural settlement
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