Belozersk Kremlin. Earth Mound

The Belozersk Kremlin and earth mound are unique structures, a pearl of defense architecture: the ring of an earth fortress, surrounded all over by a moat. The mound was erected during the reign of Grand Duke Ivan III. The city was to get turned into another fortress on the northern borders of the country. On a thirty-meter high mound, wooden walls with two gate and five blind towers were built. They survived till the end of the XVIII century, when they were dismantled due to their decay. The walls were surrounded by a moat full of water.

The fortress was originally entered from the north along the mound sole, where a cobblestone road was found during archaeological excavations. Inside the mound, remained the system of artificial reservoirs. Some buildings, including the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour survived until our days. Belozersk earth mound, a witness of the 5 centuries history, amazes imagination and inspires pride and respect for the people who created it, even today. Skills, wit and the enormous work of our ancestors, during the construction of the mound astonish us nowadays. You can get to the mound through a three-span bridge over a moat. The bridge was built in the 18th century, and in our time two small wooden towers appeared on it.


Address: Vologda region, Belozersk, Val, 1
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