Centre of national arts and crafts “Reznoi Palisad” (the Carved Palisade)

"Reznoi Palisad" (the Carved Palisade) Center was created with the purpose of restoration and preservation of traditional Vologda crafts. The employees are willing to keep abreast of all the associated events and to inform the craftsmen in time. The Center arranges craftsmen participation in international, interregional, regional and city exhibitions, fairs, festivals. The center works for promotion of the folk art. The center employees create exhibitions booklets, postcards, folk art albums, movies about the crafts of the Vologda region and Vologda craftsmen.

“Reznoi Palisad” (the Carved Palisade) is a unique place as it unites masters of the city helping them realize their creative potential. Warm, cozy atmosphere of "Reznoi Palisad" (the Carved Palisade) accommodates for communication. "Dushevnye Chetvergy” (the Heartwarming Thursdays) gather people, who are eager to discuss exhibitions, listen to lectures, watch movies, take part in master classes, meet interesting companions or just relax at concerts. It has become a wonderful cherished tradition. The topics of the events are mainly devoted to folk traditional culture, the problem of preserving and developing folk arts and crafts.

Offices: 8:30 - 17:30 - saturday and sunday are days-off.
Exhibition hall: 10:00 - 19:00 seven days a week


Address: Vologda, Zasodimskogo street, 5
Phone: (8172) 72-04-85, 72-06-58, 72-06-70
Fax: (8172) 72-04-85
39.875608018144, 59.22542671015