Darwinian State Natural Biosphere Reserve

Darwinian State Natural Biosphere Reserve is a natural reserve area of Russia. It is located on the territories of the Cherepovets district, Vologda region, and the Breitovsk district, Yaroslavl region. The reserved lands occupy an area on a large peninsula on the north-western shore of the Rybinsk Reservoir. The area of the reserve is more than 112 thousand hectares, of which 67 thousand is land, and the rest is coastal waters. Much of the reserve land area is covered with pine forests, rich in valuable berries: cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries.

The reserve is populated by animals and birds, characteristic for the Vologda region. Here one can see marten, ermine, squirrel, otter, wolves, badgers, foxes, elks, hares. There are many bears in the reserve. In recent years, boars have settled and bred here. Eagle owls, great grouses, woodcocks, spotted eagle, black kite, goshawk, sparrowhawk and a number of small kestrels nest in wild forest. Nowadays the largest in the world density of nesting places of white-tailed eagles listed in the Red Book is found here. The reserve is famous among ornithologists of the whole world due to its unique colony of fishing eagle, another name for osprey. In this part of Russia, the density of these rare birds nesting is highest in Europe.

Biologist of the Darwinian Reserve Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Nemtsev created the world's first farm of wood grouses. In half a century of work here, he managed to collect one of the richest collections of butterflies, featuring almost all the "fluttering" insects found in the North-West of Russia or flying over here from permanent habitats. Since 2000, the reserve has been included in the international network of biosphere reserves.


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