Historical and ethnographic complex "Old Russian settlement Sugorye"

The Russian North, historical Beloozero: the ancient holy land! Today these picturesque sites are famous all over the world for their Orthodox monasteries - Kirillo-Belozersky, Ferapontov, Goritsky, founded in the XV-XVI centuries. As before, the massive watchtower proudly stands and the open carved gates invite guests to visit the amazing place - the ancient Russian estate "Knyazhy Dvor" (the Princely Yard).

The courtyard of the Sugorsky prince with two-story mansions on a basement, a tower and household buildings, built in XI-XII centuries was reconstructed on the territory of the estate. All the exhibit items of this unusual open-air museum live their everyday life. The guests are welcomed not by a guide, but by a mighty kinsman, whose deep voice will take you back to the old times. On the second floor, you will find yourself in a real reception hall of the prince's court, where military councils and feasts were held in ancient Russia. The massive table - God's hand, with grace cups and goblets, gilded chairs, shields with signs of battles on the walls, the dull shine of armor and weapons - everything reminds of the Rus beginning times, and you feel yourself a part of it.

It is an unusual museum as here all exhibit items can be touched, held in hands and even tried on! Want to hold the battle-axe of the XI century – no problem! Try on a necklace of beads, adorning beauties of the ancient Finnish tribe ves – here you go! You have always dreamt to feel chain armor on your body and power the sword handle in your hands – you are welcome! In the "Knyazheskaya gridnitsa" (the Princely Quarters of Bodyguard) excursions are held in the form of a feast or military council featuring the times of ancient Russia, where each visitor can take on the role of any character - prince, princess, boyars, bodyguards. Such events are held with the use of historical costumes, reconstructed according to scientific sources, in compliance with all corresponding traditions and rituals. You can even try ancient meals.

Enchanting sounds of ancient gusli, exciting judicial battle of the prince's vigilantes, feeling of the bow string in your hands sending the swallowtail to the target - all this awaits you in the "Knyazhy Dvor". Discover the beautiful and majestic world of Ancient Rus!


Address: Vologda region, Kirillovskiy district, Goritsy village, area near the Goritskiy monastery
Phone: +7 (921) 250-92-05
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