The house-Museum of Batskovich and Alexander Kuprin

Manor house in the village of Danilovskoye was built by the grandfather of the famous poet Konstantin Batyushkov – Lev Andreevich in the XVIII century. The estate, which the estate was located, was the family seat of the family Batskovich and passed down from generation to generation in the male line until 1917. Konstantin Nikolaevich Batyushkov spent his childhood years in this house.

The last owner of the estate was a Professor of St. Petersburg University, philologist, critic, literary critic, Fyodor Dmitrievich Batyushkov. In the Danilovsky he repeatedly visited by the famous Russian writer Alexander Kuprin. Fedor Dmitriyevich was friends with Anton Chekhov, Vladimir Korolenko, Maxim Gorky and especially with Alexander Kuprin, who for several years — from 1906 to 1911 — came to Danilovsky and lived in it for a long time. Here he wrote the stories "the Shulamite", "the River of life", conceived "the Garnet bracelet". Alexander Kuprin in the Danilovsky knew many. He attended school in the neighboring village of Nikiforovo, read his stories there, was a participant in Christmas trees.

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