Manor of the Galskoys

Back in the day the manor was one of the richest in Cherepovets county, and nowadays it is the only county estate in the region where all the farm buildings have survived: the manor house, the house of the steward and the gardener, servants huts, barns, stables, foal stalls, saddlery. Manor complex was built in the first third of the XIX century in the forms and traditions of provincial classicism. The entire history of the Galskiye family, morals and manners and public activities of the owners are displayed in the exposition of the historical and ethnographic museum. There are thirty-seven rooms in the mansion, and nowadays the interior characteristic for the XIX century is reconstructed in each of them. The landlord lifestyle was determined by the ancient traditions. The genus of Galskiye is one of many Russian families that traced throughout the history of Russia.

The museum offers visitors general sightseeing tours around the estate, excursions to the stable; horse riding, horse and equipment rental. There is an equestrian sports section here where under the guidance of an experienced professional one can learn horse riding as well as to get treatment in the groups of hippotherapy. Children can learn craft in the studio of ceramics. Anniversaries, theatrical weddings, winter holidays are held according to the planned schedule. Poetic and musical evenings are held.


Address: Cherepovets, Maturinskaya street, 29
Phone: (8202) 32-22-04
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