Memorial Museum of Peter I

Permanent exhibition devoted to the history of the stay of Peter I in the city of Vologda. This is the first museum that opened in the city (in 1885). The exposition displays items of trade, crafts, everyday life of Russia of the XVII-XVIII centuries, as well as personal belongings of the emperor.

The exposition contains more than 100 items. Among them the clothes of Peter the Great, the death mask of the emperor, the cup of Generalissimo Alexander Menshikov, two chairs of Dutch work, dated 1704, "beat" with Peter's monogram and date "1706", "speculum" with Peter's decrees, a soldier's jar for vodka with the inscription "Drink anise wine, but do not lose your mind", guns: gun barrels, musket and shotgun with a flintlock, bronze casting of Peter I hand, emblem over the entrance with the initials of the H.R.S (Holland Republican States).


Address: Вологда, Советский проспект, 47
Phone: (8172) 75-27-59
39.908192400059, 59.209904866786