Onezhskoye Lake

Onezhskoye Lake is the largest reservoir of Vologda, located on the territory of Vytegra district. Onega water features unique natural qualities: high transparency, purity and softness. By the way, regarding its purity it can compete with the "blue pearl of Russia" - Baikal.

The pristine unspoiled nature of these places attracts many tourists. Onezhskoye Lake is dotted with multiple islands, over a thousand. The rugged shores of the lake give a special charm to the surrounding beauty, the sunrises and sunsets reflected in the water and striking through the trees greenery are really enchanting. In the past the bottom of Onezhskoye Lake was covered with pearls of special beauty.

Onezhskoye Lake is very popular among fishermen, there are about thirty kinds of fish here, including trout, salmon, bream, whitefish, pike, smelt, and others. Fishing in open water has a "sea" nature. Its indispensable condition ensuring safety and success of fishing is availability of a seaworthy high-speed boat equipped with a powerful engine, the necessary navigational equipment, a fishfinder.


Address: Vologda region, Vytegra district

36.345150352675, 61.149203259627