Not far from Veliky Ustyug there is the village of Opoki. This is the place where the banks of the river, composed of limestone and marl, form rocks. Opoki in the Old Russian language means "rock", modern geographic dictionaries define this word as sedimentary rock. The rapid flow of Sukhona river exposed deposits of clay, marls, limestone here, which is more than 200 million years old. As a result, there appeared a mountain, consisting of many layers, about 70 meters high. In addition to the picturesque rocks, one can observe another natural phenomenon - a powerful fountain, beating on the river bank directly from the ground. In the summer, a rainbow always sparkles above the fountain, and in the winter water jets create beautiful ice sculptures.


Address: Velikoustyugskiy district, Porog village, Opokskoe rural settlement. GPS: 60.597806, 45.48625
45.484969718967, 60.592500449487