Pozharische (Traditional Russian Village) — National village of the Russian North

Deep in the Vologda region there is a village of Pozharische (Traditional Russian Village), known since 1570. Here everything is real: both the ancient grand houses-mansions and wells. In such surroundings people's festival "Antiquity Alive" does not need any special arrangements - it seems that everything happens on its own. The holiday springs up from the joy of communication, bright colors of folk costumes, pure sounds of folk songs, passionate dances and, of course, real village meals, simple, and hearty. Until now, village natives have honored their ancestors’ covenants: to work earnestly, to respect and remember their parents, to celebrate rituals, to do everything together in harmony and joy. The modern village cherishes ancient crafts and rituals. Those who wish to get acquainted with the peasant way of life can learn how to embroider and weave the most ancient ornamental patterns, mow, and reap - in the natural atmosphere of live communication. People live here includes different aspects such as traditional costume making, preparation of traditional dishes, brewing.


Address: Vologda region, Nyuksenskiy district, Lesyutino rural settlement, Pozharische village.
Phone: (81747) 2-21-60
44.077696418705, 60.472672613325