The “Russkaya zhizn’” (the Russian Life) Ethnographic Museum

The basis of museum's exposition is created by objects of everyday life of Vologda villages inhabitants in the ХХ century: weaving looms, a collection of spinning wheels, peasant furniture, horse harness, gramophones and phonographs, typewriter and mechanical counting machines, carpentry tools and, of course, the original ceramics of the Russia famous craftswoman Nina Mishintseva.

The opening of the museum of peasant life is part of the large-scale project "Derevnya masterov" (the Village of Craftsmen), where creative people live and work, and are always ready to share the secrets of pottery, art, harmonica and weaving crafts.


Address: Vologda region, Kirillovskiy district, Kurakino village
38.72911572241, 59.934262342221