Siz’ma village

Syz'ma is an ancient Russian village in the Vologda region, where ancient crafts preserved: weaving, embroidery, lacework, cooperage and smithery. Guests are very welcomed in Syz'ma, being greeted with bread and salt. The first place to be visited in Syz’ma is the Cathedral. Then tourists go to excursions, participate in game programs and taste traditional Russian meals. The restored St Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral with numerous shrines is the main decoration of ancient Syz'ma. There are three holy wells in Syz'ma, among them the holy well of St. George the Victorious. In its close vicinity the chapel of Blessed Xenia of St Petersburg was built in 1999. Blessed Xenia is a Russian saint, treated with deep respect due to her divine gift of wonderworking, healing and prophecy.

The museum of the village history holds a permanent exhibition of peasant life objects (all of a local origin). Here you can also get acquainted with the crafts developed in this area. Great attention is paid to the women's craft in the museum - linen production and linen products: towels, tablecloths, clothes - from a simple dress to a formal costume. The museum “Krest’yanskaya Izba” (the Peasant log house) is an excellent sample of Syz’ma architecture. Next to it there is the Beer Museum, where one can learn the ways of brewing and beer recipe.


Address: Vologda region, Sheksninskiy district, Sizma village
Phone: 8 (900) 537-95-81, 8 (921) 133-00-78
38.707950431033, 59.413265999572