Sobornoye Dvorishche

A unique cathedral complex, the religious center of Veliky Ustyug on the bank of the Sukhona River. The center of the temple complex is The Assumption Cathedral, which resembles the image and likeness of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, erected in the center of the cathedral complex. Its history dates back over 7 centuries.

St. Procopius Cathedral, the second most important cathedral at Sobornoye Dvorishche, was the second building erected over the grave of the holy righteous Procopius - the blessed wondermonger and heavenly patron of Veliky Ustyug. The decoration of the Cathedral of St. Procopius the Righteous is a magnificent carved gilded five-tiered iconoclast, created in the first half of the XVIII century.

Sobornoye Dvorishche is the very right place to start a walking tour around Ustyug and its beautiful embankment, being one of the most picturesque scenes of European Russia, according to William Brumfield, the scholar and photo artist from the United States, a professor of Slavic studies, a great connoisseur of the Old Russian architecture.


Address: Velikiy Ustyug, Naberezhnaya street, 57
46.29720399682, 60.760235022029