Spaso-Kamenny Monastery

The monastery is located on a little Kamenny (Stone) island and is one of the most ancient buildings in the Russian North. The island dimensions are 120x70 meters. The monastery was founded in the 13th century and in 2010 it celebrated the 750th anniversary.

After the revolution of 1917 the monastery was closed, and then the churches were destroyed, including the pearl of Old Russian architecture - the Transfiguration Cathedral. Only a bell tower survived. It served as a lighthouse and was very helpful for fishermen surfing the rough lake. The process of the famous monastery restoration started in 80-90 years of XX century.

Today, the restored ruins get new religious life, voluntary assistants work on the island and around.

In summer, excursions to the island are conducted on a motor boat, leaving from the Ustye village in the Ust-Kubinsk district.


Phone: (81753) 2-11-35
Address: Vologda region, Ust' Kubinskiy district, Kamenniy island.
39.573363321057, 59.607588125411