The Submarine B-440 Museum

Museum in the water area of the Vytegorsk reservoir. The museum exposition reconstructs the real situation that surrounds the submariners during the service on the atomic-powered submarine and consists of the items of equipment and weapons used on the submarine during its sailing, the elements of the submariners’ routine. In the central compartment of the boat there is an operating periscope. Excursions are accompanied by noise effects simulating torpedo attack, boat diving and the operation of diesel vehicles.

On the lower deck in the former accumulator pits there is the hall of the museum exposition, where materials on the history of the underwater shipbuilding and the battle history of the submarine B-440 are exhibited.


Address: Vologda region, Vytegra, Komsomolskaya street, 15
Phone: 8 (81746) 2-67-29
36.433709843326, 60.998285977098