“Tsypina Gora” (the Tsypina Mountain) Ski Resort

Tsypina Gora (the Tsypina Mountain) is a natural monument of the “Russkiy Sever” (the Russian North) National Park. It is one of the highest points of the Vologda region, 204 meters above sea level. As the native people say, when the weather is fine being on the top of Tsypina Gora (Tsypina mountain) it is possible see the splendor of the Vologda Sofia Cathedral domes, and it almost 100 kilometers far.

Guests can explore ski slopes, rent equipment, live in a hotel or a guesthouse, take meals in a cafe.


Address: Vologda region, Kirillovskiy district, Odenyevo village, Volshebnaya, 1 (GPS: 59°55'45"N 38°32'20"E)
Phone: +7 (911) 501-04-29
38.565551623598, 59.922793595584