Vologda butter

Butter produced in the Vologda region has always been in great demand and is highly appreciated by consumers both in Russia and abroad. Vologda butter is an internationally recognized national brand with world fame and excellent reputation. It is a dairy product with a "pronounced pure favour, reminding the taste of walnuts", obtained by warming of the specially selected high-quality cream within 10-15 minutes up to the temperature of 98 °C. Vologda butter, made according to the Old Russian recipe, developed by Nikolai Vasilievich Vereshchagin at the end of the XIX century, is well known and beloved by many generations. Nowadays you can buy Vologda butter made by the following plants: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Training and Experimental Dairy Plant" of VGMHA named after N.V. Vereshchagin ", the Vologda Dairy Plant, Severnoye Moloko OJSC, Cherepovets Dairy Plant OJSC, Sukhonsk Dairy Plant OJSC, PTK Severnoye Moloko CJSC, Belokrestsk creamery OJSC, UHC Ustyugmoloko LLC.