Vologda exotarrium "Kryl’ya, nogi I khvosty" (Wings, legs and tails)

In exotarrium in the heart of Vologda live more than 40 species of exotic animals from tropical countries, including the Yemeni chameleon, green iguana, sugar glider, about a dozen of bird spiders, several snakes of various species and ages, about a dozen of lizards, exotic paradise birds, and a unique amphibian - axolotl. The exotarrium proposes its visitors with a unique opportunity to see how butterflies are born. Exotarrium staff conducts educational interactive excursions.


Address: Vologda region, Vologda, Mira street, 8
Phone: (8172) 50-70-37
39.881901288361, 59.215604971487