“Vologodski Kreml” (the Vologda Kremlin)

The building of “Vologodski Kreml” (the Vologda Kremlin) started in the XVI century. The territory, allocated for the project, was twice as large as the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. The laying of the stone fortress took place on April 28, 1565, the day of the holy apostles Nason and Sosipatr.

The erection of the Vologda Saint Sophia Cathedral is associated with the name of Ivan the Terrible. The legend tells us that Ivan the Terrible, who adored Vologda, wished to make it his northern residence and even the capital of oprichnina. During his reign, Vologda witnessed construction of stone buildings. St. Sophia Cathedral was built with special care and under the personal supervision of Ivan the Terrible.

The modern territory of the Kremlin, surrounded by high stone walls, is divided into three courtyards by randomly located buildings of different epochs. The main (central) one occupies most of the territory; in the northeast corner of the Kremlin there is a small Consistorial yard, in the north-west corner there is a farm yard.

Currently, most of the former residence of the bishop, almost all the premises of its main central courtyard are used by the Vologda State Museum-Preserve of History, Architecture and Decorative Arts.


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