Cultural tourism

Objects of tourist display (museums, exhibitions, galleries, architectural monuments, religious monuments, archaeological sites).

The Information Center "Museum of Metallurgical Industry" is the first Russian complex where unique exhibits on metallurgical subjects are exposed.
"Reznoi Palisad" (the Carved Palisade) Center was created with the purpose of restoration and preservation of traditional Vologda crafts.
The Museum contains copies of articles, complete discography, books, and things belonging to the poet Alexander Bashlachev. There are also meetings, concerts, poets and musicians Cherepovets and guests of the city.
The Russian North, historical Beloozero: the ancient holy land! As before, the massive watchtower proudly stands and the open carved gates invite guests to visit the amazing place - the ancient Russian estate "Knyazhy Dvor" (the Princely Yard).
The gallery collection displays the works of artists of different generations.
The family estate of the representatives of the ancient Russian noble families Kachanovich and Debt-the Saburovs.
The building of “Vologodski Kreml” (the Vologda Kremlin) started in the XVI century. The territory, allocated for the project, was twice as large as the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.
Konstantin Nikolaevich Batyushkov spent his childhood years in this house.
Totma is one of the oldest cities in the Vologda region, a city of unique, special architecture, recognized by its exquisite ornaments decorating the facades of the Totma churches - cartouches.
Life of Totma native Ivan Aleksandrovich Kuskov (1765 - 1823) was an inseparable part of the Russian-American campaign activities for thirty years. In 1812, Ivan Kuskov founded and governed a Russian fortress in California, which went down in history as Fort Ross, now a national park in the United States.
The Belozersk Kremlin and earth mound are unique structures, a pearl of defense architecture.
The museum acquaints its visitors with the history of the Russian navy, starting from the epoch of Peter I to our days.