Andoma Mountain is a unique place of the Vytegra land. Steep coast, with specks of spruce and alder forests, a stunning view on the wide open spaces of the lake, the mouth of the Andoma River and the taiga forests up to the horizon.
The collection of species for the greenhouse has been selected for 30 years. Botanika Botanical Garden has about 1000 plants growing in the settings, remaining their natural areal. There are turtles, iguanas, a Madagascar gecko, a white-eared tamarin, an emperor boa, tropical fish, parrots and other kinds of exotic animals and birds.
It is located 8 kilometers from Veliky Ustyug, in the Votchina of Ded Moroz (Father Frost Homeland Zoo). The area of ​​the zoo is 7.5 hectares in a pine forest, on the bank of the Sukhona River.
Not far from Veliky Ustyug there is the village of Opoki. This is the place where the banks of the river, composed of limestone and marl, form rocks.
Deep in the Vologda region there is a village of Pozharische (Traditional Russian Village), known since 1570. Here everything is real: both the ancient grand houses-mansions and wells. In such surroundings people's festival "Antiquity Alive" does not need any special arrangements - it seems that everything happens on its own.
Natural reserve area - the “Russkiy Sever” (the Russian North) National Park, as envisioned by its creators, should serve to preserve the unique natural habitats of the Vologodskoe Poozerie (the Vologda Lakes) and the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region. Today, the national park attracts thousands of tourists who want to be wrapped up in the nature of the Russian North and its historical sites.
Zoo in the Center of out door activities and tourism “Y.E.S.”.
In exotarrium in the heart of Vologda live more than 40 species of exotic animals from tropical countries, including the Yemeni chameleon, green iguana, sugar glider, about a dozen of bird spiders, several snakes of various species and ages, about a dozen of lizards, exotic paradise birds, and a unique amphibian - axolotl.
Onezhskoye Lake is the largest reservoir of Vologda, located on the territory of Vytegra district. Onega water features unique natural qualities: high transparency, purity and softness. By the way, regarding its purity it can compete with the "blue pearl of Russia" - Baikal.
Darwinian State Natural Biosphere Reserve is a natural reserve area of Russia.
State natural sanctuary is a protected ornithologic territory of international importance. White swans (listed in the Red Book) herons and other waterfowl species nest on the lake.