"New Year Lace of Vologda − 2018"

3 days/2 nights

New Year's tourism program.


December 31 (Sunday):

− Meeting at the railway station from 05.00 to 06.00, from 09.00 to 09.30 (a bus on the station square with the sign "HOTEL-TOUR"), transfer to the hotel, accommodation.

− Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

− Sightseeing tour of the New Year city "Vologda Kruzhevnaya" with a visit to the only Museum of Lace in Russia! You will get acquainted with our ancient northern city, decorated with wooden carvings. Admire the Vologda Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral, stroll through the area of ​​wooden architecture of Vologda, see the famous carved palisade, and discover the wonderful world of Lace.

− Visit to the store of the lace association "Snowflake" (the opportunity to buy products at the manufacturer's price).

− Visit to the men's Spaso-Prilutskiy acting monastery (request to the ladies to have skirts and headdresses).

− Visiting the Vologda Souvenirs shop (table linen, linen cloth and threads, linen clothes, wood painting and birch bark engraving, jewelery and silverware from Veliky Ustyug, confectionery and dairy products, Vologda butter, alcohol products of local producers).

− Lunch at the restaurant. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

New Year's banquet * (paid additionally, if desired) in the restaurant "Spassky" / "Atrium" or a New Year's celebration at the main Christmas tree in Vologda - performance of creative teams, New Year's firework and festive mood!

1 January (Monday):

− Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

− Free day or excursion for extra. fee (booked in advance, when buying a tour):

− Bus out-of-town excursion to the Sugorje - 2,500 rubles / person. (130 km).

− New Year's program "Yol-Karachun": Meeting of the group with a guide in an Old Russian costume, a story about the Sugorje; Slavic traditions of the Winter Solstice or Karachun holiday, the lighting of the "baddock", Christmas ceremonies in the interactive museum "Princely Grid"; holiday of the winter solstice Yol in the "House of Vikings": carving "sacred" fire, preparing a drink "bjor", burning New Year log; walk on the "hiding place" - underground passage, storing many secrets; a story about ancient treasures, ways to punish criminals, military arsenal; skiing from the hill; a tea-party with New Year's pies.

− Lunch at the restaurant. Return to Vologda.

2 January (Tuesday):

− Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Release of rooms.

− We invite you to go on a trip to the Holy places of Vologda - Kirillo-Belozersky and Ferapontov monasteries (110 km).

− Excursion Ferapontov Monastery is the only monument of world importance in the Russian North, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will get acquainted with the history of the monastery, visiting the church of St. Martinian, Annunciation with a refectory. (Visiting the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin with frescoes of Dionysius is paid additionally, under favorable weather conditions - 250 rubles per adult, 200 rubles - pensioner).

− Transfer to the city of Kirillov (30 km).

− Lunch at the restaurant.

− Excursion to Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery - one of the largest Russian monasteries, was founded in 1397 - "The Great Sovereign Fortress". On its territory in 12 hectares are eleven stone churches of the XV-XVIII centuries. (The territory of the monastery, the Archimandrite Corps - the main exposition of the museum, which presents monuments of painting of the 6th-17th centuries, applied art, the history of the monastery).

− Approximately at 19.30 - 20.00 return to Vologda (railway station).

Cost of the tour: from 9 300 rubles. The price includes: accommodation in the room with the amenities of the chosen hotel, meals and excursions - according to the program, entrance tickets to museums, transport services, guide services.

Organizers of the program

Phone: (8172) 76-05-30
E-mail: hotel_tour@mail.ru

The organizer reserves the right to change the cost and content of the program.


The first and the only Russian Lace Museum.
The building of “Vologodski Kreml” (the Vologda Kremlin) started in the XVI century. The territory, allocated for the project, was twice as large as the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.
Saint Sophia Cathedral is an Orthodox church, the oldest surviving building in the city of Vologda, one of the largest buildings of the Ivan the Terrible epoch.
"Reznoi Palisad" (the Carved Palisade) Center was created with the purpose of restoration and preservation of traditional Vologda crafts.
Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries of the Russian North located at the northern-east Vologda outskirts on the Vologda river bank. The Monastery was founded in 1371 by St. Dimitri, religious companion of Sergius of Radonezh.
The Russian North, historical Beloozero: the ancient holy land! As before, the massive watchtower proudly stands over the majestic Sheksna River, and the open carved gates invite guests to visit the amazing place - the ancient Russian estate "Knyazhy Dvor" (the Princely Yard).
Кирилло-Белозерский монастырь и музей-заповедник – символ Вологодской области, сокровищница российской культуры и место с удивительной историей, наполненной драматическими событиями.
The complex of monuments of the Ferapontov Monastery with the Dionisy’s wall painting is a rare example of integrity and stylistic harmony of the Russian northern monasterial ensemble of the XV – XVII centuries, revealing typical features of the architecture of the Russian centralized state development epoch.